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Groundhog Day in Clear Lake/Galveston Bay

Good Morning Seabrook and Clear Lake/Galveston Bay!  It is a cold morning, and the ground hog did see his shadow so 6 more weeks of winter.  But….here we have cold days like today preceded and followed by days like this picture I took just 4 days ago while I was in Galveston for a real estate inspection.  I am blessed to be a Realtor and able to live and work where I play.  Awe, life here is good and we always have something going on.

Coming up very soon is Seabrook Men Who Cook which benefits the Seabrook Police Department.  This is a great event held each year at the Lakewood Yacht Club.  The date for this is February 10th and here is the web site.  Lots of fun and for a great cause so come out and support and enjoy!  I will see you there as my husband is one of the cooks, this is his 4th year!

Another great thing, that of course is happening in Texas, is that Gov. Abbott is declaring today Chris Kyle Day in Texas.  This is not just to honor Chris but to honor all our men and women who are serving and have served.  These men and women sacrifice everyday to be of service to our Nation.  Let’s remember Chris Kyle and his family today and every February 2nd as we also remember all our service members.  As a side note, today is my son’s birthday, and he is also one of those who protect and serve.

Have a great day everyone, hope you can attend the Seabrook Men Who Cook supporting our police who also protect and serve and….as always

See you on the Water!


October Life at Clear Lake/Galveston Bay

Good Morning Everyone!!!!  It was a beautiful morning this morning!  I took this picture at sunrise this morning, with my iPhone.  This is the Kemah bridge from Clear Lake.  It was a gorgeous morning!  (Have I already said that?)

We have so much going on this week I was uncertain if I could get a chance to post, but decided that posting makes me happy, and helps each of you to get to know the area I love.

Thursday, 10/30/2014 is the Witches Coven held at Merlion in Seabrook.  This benefits Second Change Pets, a very good cause.  You know Seabrook loves animals, we are a bird sanctuary and most of the people who live here love their animals.  I am posting the flyer for this event again below.  Also, I am posting the flyer for The Seabrook Associations major fundraiser for the year.  The Seabrook Association supports the City of Seabrook, promotes our businesses and donates to our community, both with monetary donations and donations of our time. I am posting the flyer for the fundraiser again as well.  And, of course, do not forget Boo on the Boardwalk in Kemah!  The Haunted House will be closed soon since Halloween is Friday!  Hey, I have a great suggestion.  This weekend is supposed to be one of the best weather weekends in a long time.  Cool, dry, sunshine.  Seabrook has some of the best hotels around so why not plan to book a room at perhaps the La Quinta or the Springhill Suites to name only two.  Come down Saturday, stay the day, enjoy the water, plan to eat at The Seabrook Association’s “Back to the 80’s” Street dance in the evening, dance and have some fun, perhaps win some prizes.  You can take in Kemah Boardwalk’s Dungeon of Doom Haunted House later that evening, sleep well and get up on Sunday to coffee on the water.  We have many fine churches in the area of every denomination.  Just a thought!  Here are the flyers I promised to help you plan your weekend!

Now, my final words today.  If you think you would love to live here on the water and enjoy our lifestyle, our fantastic school system and perhaps even go skiing in the morning before work, just send me a message!  There are many great homes available here in the area and I would LOVE to show them to you!  One last picture I took today at sun-up as my friend came to get me behind my house so I could pull her on skiis…..we love this place.

As always…..See you on the Water!


Fall 2014 in Clear Lake Galveston Bay

Well, this is a beautiful time of the year here in Clear Lake/Galveston Bay.  The weather is starting to cool down but our fun and excitement over this area just keeps heating up!  There is so much to do year round here but we are going to focus on fall right now.

Of course if you are looking for a great “haunted” experience and something to scare you, just head on down to Boo on the Boardwalk and go through Kemah’s Haunted House.  For more information go to

BUT, when you are traveling to Kemah you should always take a look around Seabrook.  Not only do we have great places to eat (many on the water) we have some of the best, and quiet places, to sit along the Bay and Lake.  Seabrook has some great out of the way places to shop as well.  There is so much going on this Fall, and it all starts next week!  The City of Seabrook is very community minded with many great events designed to raise money for various community outreach programs.  I am attaching flyers for the Witches Coven which benefits Second Chance Pets and will be held at a great restaurant in Seabrook, Merlion,  on Thursday the 30th.  Then of course it is Halloween in Seabrook on the 31th. My neighborhood, Lake Cove,  always has many great streets decorated and lots of trick or treat.  Then on November 1st the Seabrook Association will host “Back to the 80’s” from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m.  This will benefit The Society for St. Stephen which helps those in need right here in Seabrook. 

As always, check out my pages with some of my real estate sales and listings.  Of course you can contact me anytime with questions about real estate in and around the area.  If you would like to read more about me just click on the page About Glenna!   I look forward to hearing from you.

See You on the Water!


Mardi Gras and Yachty Gras in Clear Lake/Galveston Bay

Hello to All!  I know we are getting another cold front, BUT it will not last long.  There are blooms on many of the trees and plants now and the sun was great this past couple of days!  Okay, no lie it was, just off and on sun, but SUN!  We have so much going on in the area.  If you are planning on participating in some of the Mardi Gras celebrations in Galveston then here is a web site for that, very historic, they have been at this a long time.

But, if you are in the market for something a little bit different but still awesome, you need to take a look at the flyer above.  Yachty Gras has been in the Seabrook/Kemah area for 15 years and it is a crowd pleaser.  From the kick-off party to the actual event, you will never run out of family things to do here in my “neck of the water”!

More info coming for the weekend, so check back on Friday!

Enjoy your week and see you on the water!


Looking for Spring in Clear Lake/Galveston Bay

Well, I am back and dedicated to keeping all of you informed in 2014.  I have missed my blog!

There is so much to do here in the Clear Lake/Galveston Bay Area and we are anxiously awaiting Spring!  It has been a cold winter everywhere, but we have had an especially cold one this year.  My Plumeria are struggling and our citrus trees are looking pretty sad.  But Spring is right around the corner.  With that comes so many Spring events.

Next week is a great event, Seabrook Men Who Cook.  This benefits our police department.  Please check out the web site, you can purchase your tickets online or at the door.  You get a great cookbook with the celebrity chef’s recipes and of course you can taste all the wonderful food items, great music and get to know all of us here in the area.  My husband is one of the celebrity chefs and he is making his mom’s cake again this year!  Just go to Hope to see you there!

Now for our Mermaid Picture.  This is the 15th Annual Yachty Gras and it is always a wonderful event.  Please make plans now to attend, it is a great time.  For more information go to

Now for a little business with your pleasure!  Real estate is doing very well here in our area, and as you know I am a Realtor.  Waterfront property is especially desirable and there is a low inventory.  I do know of a couple of waterfronts that will be listed this spring so if you are interested just let me know.  I will post new waterfront listings as they appear here on my site.  This is the best place to live and as I always say “live and work where you play”

Have a great weekend and see you on the water!


Fall in Clear Lake/Galveston Bay

This is Fall in Clear Lake Galveston Bay.  I took this picture with my iPhone.  So when I say “see you on the water” in my closing….I mean it.  I took my friend Nancy skiing yesterday and today and we witnessed the Endeavor leaving.  I will post that picture as well.  What a wonderful place to live.  Right now my husband, Tom, and I are sitting on our porch overlooking the water.  I am working on my computer, have an inspection on my neighbor’s house I just received a contract on, and loving life.  My friend and other neighbor Joyce just stopped by to have a glass a wine.  This is life on the water, and those that are considering life on the water, just give me a call, I can find you the perfect home!

Now, those of you that cannot live here, or do not want to live here (I cannot imagine that :) ), then we have some things coming up that are going to be so much fun.  We have Beerfest in Kemah, Boo on the Boardwalk, Jazz Weekend….just stay tuned and I will let you in on that.

Well, go out and make it a great weekend, stay safe AND……See you on the Water!


Heading Into Holidays on Clear Lake/Galveston Bay

Good Morning Clear Lake/Galveston Bay Visitors and Residents!  What a gorgeous fall this is turning out to be.  Yes we have had some much needed rain, but cooler temperatures are already here which is very welcome indeed.  Yesterday I spent the day in Galveston.  At lunch it was POURING, then the sun broke out and there was a breeze and shopping on The Strand was perfect.  I have decided that this year, my Christmas gifts are coming from four places.  I am attending Dickens on The Strand in Galveston which always has great gifts; I will shop The Strand some more; of course Kemah shops have so many great gifts I will be shopping there; and…..I know this is out of our area, but me and my friends plan to take a girl’s day trip to Old Town Spring during the Christmas Holiday as they are always decorated so nicely with great gifts as well.  Now, since I am talking about the Holidays, take a look at the Flyer to your left.  Just click on the flyer and plan to attend, Shazia is a great speaker, a fabulous designer with some awesome ideas.  We Connect and Shazia International plan to bring you ideas that will take you from Halloween right into New Years.  We hope to see you there as we wind down this year with We Connect.  And what a successful year it has been.

Go out and make it a great, safe weekend.  See You on the Water!


Electric Prices in Clear Lake Galveston Bay

Good Morning Clear Lake Galveston Bay…..If you live here, or are visiting, then you know we have been getting some much needed rain…..LOTS of rain.  But tonight should be nice to watch the fireworks over The Bay from Kemah.  Another good place to watch is to drive down 2nd street in Seabrook and just park along the Back Bay and watch.  My son and I used to go through the drive through at Dairy Queen, get an ice cream and go park at Back Bay, watch the fireworks and eat our ice cream.  Of course he still likes to do that when he comes home, even though he is 21 and in the Army.  Memory Train will stop now….LOL  Just remember that there are only 3 more Friday night fireworks and then it is ended until next summer (or special events of course).

This month We Connect brings you Eddy Rowton with Ambit Energy.  Eddy is my partner in the energy business as I do that along with Real Estate.  I must admit Real Estate has been keeping me busy lately, which is awesome, but Ambit Energy is a fantastic way to make extra money AND it is awesome electricity, well priced with great customer service.  I have had Ambit for at least 4 years and enjoy my savings and my travel points.  So click on the flyer on the left for information on this month’s We Connect Luncheon which is this coming Wednesday, the 18th.  We will skip the month of August as that is back to school month, but will pick up with Shazia Kirmani with Shazia International, she will telling us how to get ready for the holidays with holiday decorating, inside and out!  If you are unable to come see Eddy and save money on your electric, feel free to contact me, or go to  If you are interested in saving money on your electric AND starting your own business then go to  We hope to see you at We Connect this month!

Go out and make it a great weekend, God Bless and see you on the water!


July 4th 2012 in Clear Lake Galveston Bay

Well, July 4th is during the week, Wednesday to be exact, and we are still having the firework celebration in Kemah.  And yes, Kemah is still doing the fireworks every Friday night during June and July, but the Fourth of July Celebration is this Wednesday at 9:30 p.m..  Watch from the boardwalk, or take your boat out and anchor.  We anchored Friday night right by Lakewood Yacht Club and it was great.  Quick to get back to the dock too.

Start your day out with a parade and events in Meador Park in Seabrook, this event starts at 10:00 a.m.  For more information go to

The weather should be perfect for the parades, fireworks and more this July 4th, in fact the temp is supposed to be only 89, WOW!  No rain, sunshine and the perfect family day.

Thank you to all our service men and women who have and are continuing to fight for our freedoms and protect this great country.  God Bless America and our Troops!

Do not forget the sunblock, lots of water, juice, etc.  Of course your adult beverages, please drink responsibly.  Go out and make it a safe and wonderful July 4th with your family and friends and…..God Bless You All and See You on the Water!


Hurricane Season is Here in Clear Lake/Galveston Bay

Well, it is beautiful here in Clear Lake Galveston Bay, hard to believe it is Hurricane Season.  This month with We Connect our guest speaker is Kevin Kopp with Farmers Insurance, he will answer your insurance questions and concerns.  Bring your policy and Kevin will give it a “once over”.  We look forward to you joining us at Villa Capri for lunch on the water.  Just click on the flyer to the left and look at all the details.

Also, remember the sailboat races every Wednesday night, just have a nice drink and a good meal at Villa Capri, 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. and watch the races while you dine.

Thursday Night is Rock the Dock in Kemah, here is the site for your convenience.  Plan to listen to some of the best local bands around!  And of course every Friday night in June and July we have fireworks over the Bay.  Best place to watch them is Kemah Boardwalk, but just about any place on the Lake is a good view.

Go out and make it a great week, God Bless and See You on the Water!