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Looking Ahead to Thanksgiving in Clear Lake/Galveston Bay

Well, the Balloons were awesome, I hope everyone had a chance to see them, if not…..they happen this time every year!  Make plans right now to attend the festival and see the Balloons over Clear Lake.

If you would like to participate the MS Society Walk is November 6th, Kemah Boardwalk.

This is absolutely a gorgeous time of year here in Clear Lake/Galveston Bay.  I took this next picture on the Bay, yesterday!

There so much to do here, and the holidays are great.  We have so many speciality shops in the area, not just on the Kemah Boardwalk which has many great shops and restaurants, but in the outlying areas.  I will be highlighting some of those shops leading up to the holidays. 

TOMORROW!!!!  VOTE!!!!!  Unfortunately it looks like we will be having some much needed rain tomorrow which will make it difficult to get out and vote, but remember, it is warm here so rain will not stand in our way to the polls.  If you are still looking for your polling place here is a site for Harris County

For Galveston County

Now I just had to share this video with you, especially since we need to exercise our right to vote as a free nation, and it is due to the sacrifices made for us.  This is a short video but an awesome one.  Came to me by a good friend, retired Navy, however CBS news actually did this interview.  Enjoy, Vote, and God Bless America.

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