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August in Clear Lake/Galveston Bay

Hello to All!  Summer is winding down here in Clear Lake/Galveston Bay but the heat is on, literally.  Very hot across Texas as you know and we are finally getting the triple digits.  We have had some rain so many of the water conservation alerts are off and some of the yards and trees are looking a lot happier.  We still have wonderful things to do around the area.  Many of them indoors to “beat the heat”.  Please remember to visit Johnson Space Center on Nasa Road One, lots of activities for the entire family and AIR CONDITIONING.    Summer Sports Slam is still going on, go to for more information.

My niece was in town visiting from Arkansas this past week and my son and I took her to Moody Gardens to see the new Rain Forest exhibit.  Let me tell you, I was impressed.  Having gone to the old one, and liked it, I have to say my 20 year old son said this one is awesome.  Of course Moody Gardens has so much more to see as well, including the Dinos Alive which is still going on until  August 14th.  There is so much to do at Moody Gardens, check it out at

NOW THIS IS HUGE!!!!   Would you like to participate in helping our troops deployed overseas and their families receive free postcards.  Well this is it.

Now if you want to read more about the story on this, listen to the new song and the interview then please go to   Listen to the song and the interview, it is worth the 6 minutes.    Thank you in advance for supporting our troops!!!!


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