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We Connect Takes Aim in Clear Lake/Galveston Bay

Good Morning Clear Lake Galveston Bay, it is that time of month again when We Connect connects local area businesses and the community at Villa Capri.  This month your hosts invites you to take aim with Bill McFerren, a retired Navy Veteran and concealed handgun expert and license instructor.  Just click on the flyer to the left and you will see all the details.  Yours truly and your other two hosts went out last week and shot pistols at a range.  Bill conducted a mini-lesson for us both in a classroom setting and on the range.  I am truly impressed and he will be the one that I will get my license with.  Your hosts had a wide variety of experience; Lisa has her handgun license but not a lifetime of shooting guns, Joyce has never shot or even held a gun and myself who has shot and handled all types of guns since I was very young but I am not licensed yet.  Bill took all three of us and within 30 minutes on the range and a couple of hours in the classroom taught each of us and we walked away with knowledge.  I learned things I had not learned in all my years of handling firearms.  He is truly an excellent instructor and it is evident he knows his stuff.  Do not miss him on Wednesday, plus your hosts will be bringing our targets for your enjoyment.

I hope each of you had a safe and enjoyable Mother’s Day weekend.  We had some heavy rain and weather off and on but Sunday was gorgeous.  I enjoyed my day on the water with my son and his friend.  My husband, son and his friend took me to Sam’s Boat and we sat on the water for a great fish sandwich and some cold beer.

More things to think about this week, remember that sailboat races have started and is held every Wednesday evening.  The best place to watch that is at Villa Capri, you should arrive between 5 and 5:30 if at all possible and you will enjoy the races and of course a great meal.

Go out and make it a great week, God Bless and see you on the water!


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