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Memorial Day Clear Lake/Galveston Bay

Every day is Memorial Day for our service men and women that give the ultimate sacrifice.  We should never forget and always be grateful.  When you see a family that has lost a loved one, tell them thank you for that loved one.  Also, please keep our current troops serving here and abroad in your prayers with heartfelt thanks and gratitude.  Our troops love to hear a thank you, I do so every time I see one, I want them to know I appreciate what they do.  God Bless our Troops and God Bless the USA!

Enjoy this beautiful weather and your time on Clear Lake Galveston Bay.  Yesterday was gorgeous, had a great time at Outriggers where I sat by the water and listened to Kelly McGuire and my brother Doug play music.  The channel was full of boats and people having fun.  Continue your festivities today and keep your family and friends that have gone on in your hearts with a smile on your face.

See you on the Water and God Bless!


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