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Shuttlebration in Clear Lake Galveston Bay

Good Evening Clear Lake/Galveston Bay.  I am posting on Thursday night instead of Friday in case you are searching for information regarding the Shuttle coming into Clear Lake.  What an event this will be.  I plan to be on a boat watching it come down through the Kemah Channel toward the Hilton.  Then I have to show homes in the afternoon, but that is okay.  What a great event this will be.  A huge Texas party.  There will be lots of traffic and people so just be patient and enjoy this weekend.  Here are some sites to get info on the Shuttlebration and traffic and more.

I think some good areas to watch would be at Villa Capri, Seabrook Classic Cafe, Sam’s Boat.  Find a safe place to park and walk toward the water.  Be careful crossing NASA Road One, it will be a “zoo”!

Everyone enjoy and stay safe!  God Bless and see you on the water!


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