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Electric Prices in Clear Lake Galveston Bay

Good Morning Clear Lake Galveston Bay…..If you live here, or are visiting, then you know we have been getting some much needed rain…..LOTS of rain.  But tonight should be nice to watch the fireworks over The Bay from Kemah.  Another good place to watch is to drive down 2nd street in Seabrook and just park along the Back Bay and watch.  My son and I used to go through the drive through at Dairy Queen, get an ice cream and go park at Back Bay, watch the fireworks and eat our ice cream.  Of course he still likes to do that when he comes home, even though he is 21 and in the Army.  Memory Train will stop now….LOL  Just remember that there are only 3 more Friday night fireworks and then it is ended until next summer (or special events of course).

This month We Connect brings you Eddy Rowton with Ambit Energy.  Eddy is my partner in the energy business as I do that along with Real Estate.  I must admit Real Estate has been keeping me busy lately, which is awesome, but Ambit Energy is a fantastic way to make extra money AND it is awesome electricity, well priced with great customer service.  I have had Ambit for at least 4 years and enjoy my savings and my travel points.  So click on the flyer on the left for information on this month’s We Connect Luncheon which is this coming Wednesday, the 18th.  We will skip the month of August as that is back to school month, but will pick up with Shazia Kirmani with Shazia International, she will telling us how to get ready for the holidays with holiday decorating, inside and out!  If you are unable to come see Eddy and save money on your electric, feel free to contact me, or go to  If you are interested in saving money on your electric AND starting your own business then go to  We hope to see you at We Connect this month!

Go out and make it a great weekend, God Bless and see you on the water!


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