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Heading Into Holidays on Clear Lake/Galveston Bay

Good Morning Clear Lake/Galveston Bay Visitors and Residents!  What a gorgeous fall this is turning out to be.  Yes we have had some much needed rain, but cooler temperatures are already here which is very welcome indeed.  Yesterday I spent the day in Galveston.  At lunch it was POURING, then the sun broke out and there was a breeze and shopping on The Strand was perfect.  I have decided that this year, my Christmas gifts are coming from four places.  I am attending Dickens on The Strand in Galveston which always has great gifts; I will shop The Strand some more; of course Kemah shops have so many great gifts I will be shopping there; and…..I know this is out of our area, but me and my friends plan to take a girl’s day trip to Old Town Spring during the Christmas Holiday as they are always decorated so nicely with great gifts as well.  Now, since I am talking about the Holidays, take a look at the Flyer to your left.  Just click on the flyer and plan to attend, Shazia is a great speaker, a fabulous designer with some awesome ideas.  We Connect and Shazia International plan to bring you ideas that will take you from Halloween right into New Years.  We hope to see you there as we wind down this year with We Connect.  And what a successful year it has been.

Go out and make it a great, safe weekend.  See You on the Water!


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