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Looking for Spring in Clear Lake/Galveston Bay

Well, I am back and dedicated to keeping all of you informed in 2014.  I have missed my blog!

There is so much to do here in the Clear Lake/Galveston Bay Area and we are anxiously awaiting Spring!  It has been a cold winter everywhere, but we have had an especially cold one this year.  My Plumeria are struggling and our citrus trees are looking pretty sad.  But Spring is right around the corner.  With that comes so many Spring events.

Next week is a great event, Seabrook Men Who Cook.  This benefits our police department.  Please check out the web site, you can purchase your tickets online or at the door.  You get a great cookbook with the celebrity chef’s recipes and of course you can taste all the wonderful food items, great music and get to know all of us here in the area.  My husband is one of the celebrity chefs and he is making his mom’s cake again this year!  Just go to Hope to see you there!

Now for our Mermaid Picture.  This is the 15th Annual Yachty Gras and it is always a wonderful event.  Please make plans now to attend, it is a great time.  For more information go to

Now for a little business with your pleasure!  Real estate is doing very well here in our area, and as you know I am a Realtor.  Waterfront property is especially desirable and there is a low inventory.  I do know of a couple of waterfronts that will be listed this spring so if you are interested just let me know.  I will post new waterfront listings as they appear here on my site.  This is the best place to live and as I always say “live and work where you play”

Have a great weekend and see you on the water!


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