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Mardi Gras and Yachty Gras in Clear Lake/Galveston Bay

Hello to All!  I know we are getting another cold front, BUT it will not last long.  There are blooms on many of the trees and plants now and the sun was great this past couple of days!  Okay, no lie it was, just off and on sun, but SUN!  We have so much going on in the area.  If you are planning on participating in some of the Mardi Gras celebrations in Galveston then here is a web site for that, very historic, they have been at this a long time.

But, if you are in the market for something a little bit different but still awesome, you need to take a look at the flyer above.  Yachty Gras has been in the Seabrook/Kemah area for 15 years and it is a crowd pleaser.  From the kick-off party to the actual event, you will never run out of family things to do here in my “neck of the water”!

More info coming for the weekend, so check back on Friday!

Enjoy your week and see you on the water!


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