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October Life at Clear Lake/Galveston Bay

Good Morning Everyone!!!!  It was a beautiful morning this morning!  I took this picture at sunrise this morning, with my iPhone.  This is the Kemah bridge from Clear Lake.  It was a gorgeous morning!  (Have I already said that?)

We have so much going on this week I was uncertain if I could get a chance to post, but decided that posting makes me happy, and helps each of you to get to know the area I love.

Thursday, 10/30/2014 is the Witches Coven held at Merlion in Seabrook.  This benefits Second Change Pets, a very good cause.  You know Seabrook loves animals, we are a bird sanctuary and most of the people who live here love their animals.  I am posting the flyer for this event again below.  Also, I am posting the flyer for The Seabrook Associations major fundraiser for the year.  The Seabrook Association supports the City of Seabrook, promotes our businesses and donates to our community, both with monetary donations and donations of our time. I am posting the flyer for the fundraiser again as well.  And, of course, do not forget Boo on the Boardwalk in Kemah!  The Haunted House will be closed soon since Halloween is Friday!  Hey, I have a great suggestion.  This weekend is supposed to be one of the best weather weekends in a long time.  Cool, dry, sunshine.  Seabrook has some of the best hotels around so why not plan to book a room at perhaps the La Quinta or the Springhill Suites to name only two.  Come down Saturday, stay the day, enjoy the water, plan to eat at The Seabrook Association’s “Back to the 80’s” Street dance in the evening, dance and have some fun, perhaps win some prizes.  You can take in Kemah Boardwalk’s Dungeon of Doom Haunted House later that evening, sleep well and get up on Sunday to coffee on the water.  We have many fine churches in the area of every denomination.  Just a thought!  Here are the flyers I promised to help you plan your weekend!

Now, my final words today.  If you think you would love to live here on the water and enjoy our lifestyle, our fantastic school system and perhaps even go skiing in the morning before work, just send me a message!  There are many great homes available here in the area and I would LOVE to show them to you!  One last picture I took today at sun-up as my friend came to get me behind my house so I could pull her on skiis…..we love this place.

As always…..See you on the Water!


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