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Fireworks Over the Bay in Clear Lake Galveston Bay

Good Morning Clear Lake Galveston Bay!!!!  We had some much needed rain last night, my garden is all “perky” and happy.  I hope you have all had a great week and are planning a wonderful weekend here with us on the Lake and Bay.

Start your plans now to attend our We Connect luncheon, hosted monthly by yours truly and Lisa Coleman, Hometrust Mortgage and Joyce Rowton, Ambit Energy. This month our featured speaker is Kevin Kopp with Farmer’s Insurance, as this is the start of Hurricane Season.  Just click on the flyer to the left for all the details about our monthly lunch and our speaker this month.  It even shows you upcoming speakers and speaker dates.  We are starting to get a following for this lunch and we are now be advertised in the majority of the local papers and brochures….WAHOO!

If you are headed our way this weekend you may want to come down tonight.  Remember, every Friday in June and July HUGE fireworks display over the Bay.  Head out by boat and sit on the water (which is an experience to watch it this way) or have a great dinner and a couple of drinks and watch from the Kemah Boardwalk.  Of course you can watch like I do, when I am not on the water, sometimes I watch from my home and sometimes we watch from Sam’s Boat, or Villa Capri, or just Clear Lake Park.  You can see them high in the sky from almost anywhere.

Remember to check out my pages, more info on We Connect, BUT as I am a local Realtor I have my listings on those pages.  Check out my new, gorgeous, waterfront listing.

Go out and make it a great weekend, stay safe, God Bless and see you on the water!


Summer Has Started in Clear Lake/Galveston Bay

Good Morning All:  What a weekend we had.  Our shuttle mock-up (we were snubbed for the real one as you know) arrived.  But true to form for our area and Texas, we welcomes our mock-up Explorer with pride and a party.  This one will be in Space Center Houston and tours will be possible inside the craft.  And true to form for our area, this was done up in style with an entire weekend devoted to the shuttle.  Thousands of folks, including yours truly as these are my pictures, were on the water and on land to welcome The Exployer home.  This area is home to so many NASA employees that have worked so many years in space exploration, and of course our Astronauts that risk their lives to study space for our future generations.  To deny the real one, well……I will stop there.  This is even being talked about across “the pond”, check out this article.–hide-disappointment-real-thing.html.  Anyway, this was a party with pride and smiles.  I particularly like the picture with the Spirit of Texas Paddle Boat with the shuttle in the background.  Welcome Home Explorer.

On Friday as the shuttle entered Clear Lake and docked at the Hilton, that evening started the Fireworks on the Bay which is every Friday night in June and July.  What a celebration and you have the opportunity to see these fireworks any Friday night.

Of course every  Thursday night in Kemah we have Rock the Dock>  This week is Hamilton Loomis (Blues) so check out the performers and the dates and make your choice to join us on The Bay.

Check back on Friday as I preview some weekend events.  Have a great week, God Bless and see you on the water!


Shuttlebration in Clear Lake Galveston Bay

Good Evening Clear Lake/Galveston Bay.  I am posting on Thursday night instead of Friday in case you are searching for information regarding the Shuttle coming into Clear Lake.  What an event this will be.  I plan to be on a boat watching it come down through the Kemah Channel toward the Hilton.  Then I have to show homes in the afternoon, but that is okay.  What a great event this will be.  A huge Texas party.  There will be lots of traffic and people so just be patient and enjoy this weekend.  Here are some sites to get info on the Shuttlebration and traffic and more.

I think some good areas to watch would be at Villa Capri, Seabrook Classic Cafe, Sam’s Boat.  Find a safe place to park and walk toward the water.  Be careful crossing NASA Road One, it will be a “zoo”!

Everyone enjoy and stay safe!  God Bless and see you on the water!


Memorial Day Clear Lake/Galveston Bay

Every day is Memorial Day for our service men and women that give the ultimate sacrifice.  We should never forget and always be grateful.  When you see a family that has lost a loved one, tell them thank you for that loved one.  Also, please keep our current troops serving here and abroad in your prayers with heartfelt thanks and gratitude.  Our troops love to hear a thank you, I do so every time I see one, I want them to know I appreciate what they do.  God Bless our Troops and God Bless the USA!

Enjoy this beautiful weather and your time on Clear Lake Galveston Bay.  Yesterday was gorgeous, had a great time at Outriggers where I sat by the water and listened to Kelly McGuire and my brother Doug play music.  The channel was full of boats and people having fun.  Continue your festivities today and keep your family and friends that have gone on in your hearts with a smile on your face.

See you on the Water and God Bless!


We Connect Takes Aim in Clear Lake/Galveston Bay

Good Morning Clear Lake Galveston Bay, it is that time of month again when We Connect connects local area businesses and the community at Villa Capri.  This month your hosts invites you to take aim with Bill McFerren, a retired Navy Veteran and concealed handgun expert and license instructor.  Just click on the flyer to the left and you will see all the details.  Yours truly and your other two hosts went out last week and shot pistols at a range.  Bill conducted a mini-lesson for us both in a classroom setting and on the range.  I am truly impressed and he will be the one that I will get my license with.  Your hosts had a wide variety of experience; Lisa has her handgun license but not a lifetime of shooting guns, Joyce has never shot or even held a gun and myself who has shot and handled all types of guns since I was very young but I am not licensed yet.  Bill took all three of us and within 30 minutes on the range and a couple of hours in the classroom taught each of us and we walked away with knowledge.  I learned things I had not learned in all my years of handling firearms.  He is truly an excellent instructor and it is evident he knows his stuff.  Do not miss him on Wednesday, plus your hosts will be bringing our targets for your enjoyment.

I hope each of you had a safe and enjoyable Mother’s Day weekend.  We had some heavy rain and weather off and on but Sunday was gorgeous.  I enjoyed my day on the water with my son and his friend.  My husband, son and his friend took me to Sam’s Boat and we sat on the water for a great fish sandwich and some cold beer.

More things to think about this week, remember that sailboat races have started and is held every Wednesday evening.  The best place to watch that is at Villa Capri, you should arrive between 5 and 5:30 if at all possible and you will enjoy the races and of course a great meal.

Go out and make it a great week, God Bless and see you on the water!


Fun in

Hello Lake and Bay Fans!  This is a busy and FUN weekend in Clear Lake/Galveston Bay.  First up, the ever popular and fun Keels and Wheels is in Seabrook at Lakewood Yacht Club.  A Water Car?  Well, you can see so many gorgeous old boats and cars at this annual event.  This picture is taken from Keels and Wheels photo gallery last year.  For more information go to

While you are here do not forget the rest of the beautiful area.  Stay for dinner in one of many fantastic restaurants. Better yet, head down to Kemah for the Camero show and stay the night at Springhill Suites in Seabrook. Tell them you heard about them from me.  Then on May 6th, head back down to Kemah (only 3 minutes away from Springhill) and be a part of the Blessing of the Fleet.  Decorated Shrimp Boats and Pleasure Craft travel through the channel for their annual blessing!  So much to do.  Here is Kemah’s site for more information.

Now, if all that isn’t enough, Space Center Houston has the Padawan Boot Camp on May 5th.  You think your kids will be bored at Keels and Wheels, make them a deal.  They go to Keels and Wheels and agree to be good and they can do the Padawan Boot Camp, three times are offered on Saturday and this is a one day event.  Go to this site and book your tickets now.

Keep your eyes right here on Lake and Baywatch for more fun throughout the summer.  Check out my new venture.  Click on We Connect page to the left and take a look at what we are doing for the Bay Area!

Go out and make it a fantastic weekend!  Be safe, God Bless and see you on the water!


Gumbo Cookoff in Clear Lake Galveston Bay

Sailboat races every Wednesday in the Spring and Summer

Good Morning Clear Lake Galveston Bay!!!!   What a gorgeous day!  I took this picture at the Sailboat races which are held every Wednesday night at 6:00 p.m. during the spring and summer.  Villa Capri hosts and that is the best location on the Lake to watch the races.  They have great food and atmosphere, inside and outside seating.  So book your special event or just stop by on Wednesday evening and have a drink and watch the races. Here is their site for more information

This weekend, while you are here to enjoy the Lake and Bay along with Kemah with their shops and restaurants, stop by the Gumbo Cook-off on Nasa Road One in Clear Lake Park.

Be thinking about the weekend ahead, we do have Mother’s Day coming up, but we also have Keels and Wheels in Seabrook at Lakewood Yacht Club.  Here is more information.

Go out and make it a fantastic and safe weekend with family and friends.  God Bless and see you on the water!


Cruises from the Bay Area with We Connect

It is cruising time here in Clear Lake/Galveston Bay.  The weather is gorgeous and so many people are out on their boats on the Lake and Bay.  But if you would like to take a cruise to Mexico and beyond then we have the best of both worlds.  We Connect is connecting the Bay Area community and we have a cruise expert speaking to the Bay Area, giving you tips and updates!  Just read the flyer on this page (click and it will get larger) and come by for a great lunch tomorrow at Villa Capri and meet Preston Lewis with Cruises, Inc.

See you on the Water


Crawfish, Sun, Water, Fun and Family in Clear Lake/Galveston Bay

Good Morning Clear Lake/Galveston Bay, and all those visiting or planning to visit this weekend!  It is will be a fantastic weekend.  First though, this morning, I want to ask you to join me in prayer for a young man’s family.  Staff Sgt. Tyler Smith of Licking Mo, (where I went to high school) will be returned today.  He gave the ultimate sacrifice for us.  He will arrive at 9:00 a.m. in Rolla MO and his family and friends will be there.  He will be escorted by the Patriot Guard through Licking and Houston MO and will be laid to rest tomorrow.  Keep this family and all the families around this great nation who have served, are serving and have loved ones doing the same in your constant prayers  God Bless Them!

In keeping with that theme, we enjoy our freedom and our lives and should enjoy this weekend to the fullest with love and family and friends.

Many fantastic activities are planned throughout our area.  We have the CRAWFISH Festival this weekend in Kemah.  Crawfish, music and more, here is the site for your convenience.

Space Center Houston always pleases young and old, they are still doing Creatures of the Abyss, here is their site for more information

Do not forget that we have many public park areas right on the waters of Clear Lake.  They are free to the public with grills, playgrounds, fishing and more.  If you are on the Lake and Bay this weekend watch the weather on Saturday, we are supposed to have increased wind so the water could be rough for small craft but of course you large power boats won’t mind. And of course you sail boat lovers, will LOVE the water on Saturday.

Go out and make it a safe weekend, God Bless and see you on the water!


We Connect is Connecting the Bay Area this Spring

Good Morning Bay Area!  My Lake and Bay Watch site has been messing with me and not allowing me to post pictures, etc.  But I’m now on and able to post and update you.  I hope each of you had a blessed Easter and that you had a fantastic weekend with your family and friends….I sure did.  I also brought home a new puppy, but that story is for another time as we have fun and business to get to right now.

Our very first We Connect luncheon was held in March, with Shazia Kirmani with Shazia International as our speaker!  A great time was had by all and it was a Success Success Success!   Lisa, Joyce and I are so happy to be able to provide this service to the Bay Area!  Wait until you see this month’s event!

Click on the picture/poster to the left and see what we are offering this month.  Retired U.S. Air Force Weather Forecaster, Preston Lewis with Cruises, Inc., will give us tips and news updates about cruises in and out of our area.  You can read all about it on the flyer to the left.

Be watching tomorrow for more information about the weekend here in the Clear Lake/Galveston Bay.  I’m so glad to be back online and will start back on my Monday/Friday posting schedule again, starting tomorrow.

See Ya Tomorrow!