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Somthing New In Clear Lake Galveston Bay

Hello to All:

This will be an awesome event which is hosted by yours truly along with two fabulous other business women (who also happen to be my friends).  It is our desire to connect the community with local businesses while providing tips and information.  This is all while eating a fantastic lunch at Villa Capri WHILE looking at our fabulous Clear Lake.  What could be better?  Nothing, I will just answer that for you (big smile).  Be watching for an entire new page and section of my blog, which will be called We Connect.  That will be coming soon.  It will feature information about your three hosts, upcoming events hosted by the three of us, information and bios on our speakers and more.  Please take a look at this month’s speaker Shazia Kirmani.  She is our first speaker as we kick-off what will be a huge monthly event for Clear Lake/Galveston Bay.  Shazia Kirmani will WOW you.  A simple click on the flyer to the left will enlarge it and allow you to read her bio, see the date and time of the lunch, our upcoming speakers, and of course the hosts.  We hope to celebrate our kick-off with you!

I will be continuing my Monday and Friday blogs as before where I will continue to give you other events and news from the area.   So follow along, I love having you here.

Go out and end the week great, God Bless and…….see you on the water!


Go Texan in Clear Lake/Galveston Bay

Good Windy Morning Clear Lake/Galveston Bay, it is Go Texan Day!!!!  That’s right, the trail riders are on their way into Houston, the cook-off is in full swing, the parade is tomorrow and the Rodeo Houston opens this week!  WOW, we love this time of year.  Rodeo Houston has been a favorite of mine for the past 30 years that I have lived in and around the Houston area.  Having lived here in the Clear Lake/Galveston Bay area for the past 11 years (and you know I love it) I still have not missed the Rodeo.  Only a 45 minute drive from here to Reliant and I just do it, I love the Rodeo.  The past few years my dear friend and next door neighbor make a day trip to the Rodeo and we go all day.  Awesome!  This is Texas, and you can see some of what Texas is like just by looking at the picture here (provided by  Texas flags are NEVER without the American Flag.  Texans love America and Texas and you see it everywhere, but at Rodeo time you just cannot miss it!  For those of you that do not have tickets yet to the Rodeo, or are just not sure who is performing this year, here is their website.  Now is here the direct site for the cook-off information.  The cook-off has such fantastic food, but many do not know that most of the tents are by invitation only, however there are a few (very few) that are public.  But you can still attend the cook-off and walk around to see all the fantastic saloons, storefronts, tents, hear the bands playing, have a beer, attend the carnival, just be aware that most tents are private parties and this event is just as popular as the Rodeo so leave early and plan to stay awhile, it is crowded but worth it.  We have many Clear Lake and Galveston Bay Area BBQ teams that participate every year in the cook-off and the rodeo, serving as committee members and so much more.  My brother Doug DeForest is in town, as he is every year, to play bass guitar with a band at the cook-off.  He comes in from Arkansas where he owns Lake Paradise Studio.  They come from far and wide for this event and yes we love our water down here, but we are still Texans and folks…..The Rodeo is in Town!!!  The Parade Route I have provided here is also Courtesy of

Now, I would be completely remiss if I did not give you some items to plan for right here in our area.  First and foremost we have “Men Who Cook” coming up on Tuesday, February 28th, at 7:00 p.m. at the Lakewood Yacht Club.  This is an awesome yearly event and the proceeds go to the Seabrook Police Department and the Seabrook Rotary.  Lots of good food, cash bar, live band and a good time will be had by all (as usual)  This year my husband is one of the cooks.  We are both excited to be a part of this event as we have been attendees for several years now.  Now do not misunderstand me, the attendees are actually more important than the cooks, but the cooks bring the attendees, oh nevermind (big smile) just  come out and see, even our Mayor, Glenn Royal, gets his apron on!  For tickets and more information go to

Now a bit of news coming out of Clear Lake High School.  The CLHS Army JROTC had their federal inspection this past week.   This is near and dear to my heart as my son was a part of this fantastic program all four years he attended CLHS.  The federal inspection is a HUGE deal and the cadets work tirelessly along with their instructors, school and parents.  This is held every three years and the inspection which lasts all day, looks and inspects every part of the program and the cadets.  So, here is the result (I’m sure you have guessed it was good)  The Falcon Battalion is proud to represent our school with exemplary pride and recognition as a 2012 National JROTC Honor Unit with Distinction.  Congratulations to CLHS Army JROTC!!!!!

Well, go out and make it a great weekend, be safe, God Bless and see you on the water! 


Crazy Weather

Well, the weather is crazy here in Clear Lake/Galveston Bay, it was freezing (not really but it felt like it) while we were at the Madri Gras Ruby Tournament in Galveston.  Bay Area Rugby Club (my son plays with them) did well.  But we spent so much time warming up in the car and that is just not the weather we are used to.  Today is lots of rain and I think we have caught up our water deficit so  now it is time to stop for while.  Cold with wind also.  Brrrrrrr.  BUT….the party always goes on here in the Lake and Bay Area.  The kick-off party for the Yachty Gras was a huge success and now we are on the count down for the actual event.  The weather should cooperate as we will be 77 tomorrow.  Geez!  The grand event and boat parade will be February 18th, and the best spot to see it is the Kemah Boardwalk.  Here are two different sites for information and event schedules. and

On a personal note, this blogger is saddened by the death of Whitney Houston.  Her voice was God given.  My thoughts and prayers are with her family.  I cannot let this pass though, this should be a message for our nation that drugs kill (even prescription drugs) and you just never know if you will be the one with the uncontrollable urge.  This world lost Whitney’s voice long before her untimely death, her voice was lost when her addiction started.  I think the news reports were that she really hasn’t been heard from since 1992 and what a loss.  A beautiful lady with an unbelievable voice and such a tortured end.

(Picture Courtesy of Yachty Gras 2012)

Go out and make it a great week, God Bless and see you on the water. 


Worried About AC Bills in Clear Lake and Galveston Bay


If you are worried that living on the water down here in our beautiful area of Clear Lake and Galveston Bay will break the bank for you with energy bills….think again.  Much of Texas is deregulated and one of the top companies which was named the fastest growing company in 2010 by INC originated here in Texas.  Ambit Energy!  I have had Ambit Energy here at my home for the past 4 years and have been so happy I have now became an consultant with them.  They are also in 5 other states with more states starting to deregulate because you know, Texas paved the way.  For more information on how you can save money, make money and even earn FREE electricity, then go to   There are two short videos and you can sign up right there.  And of course if you have any questions you can give me a call. 

In other great news, the Pelican Ball is this weekend and of course Yachty Gras is coming up just right around the corner.  The kick-off party is February 11th.  For more information go to www..comyachtygras.  Fun Stuff!!!!

This coming week my son will be 21 and this coming weekend he will come down to the water as an official adult.  He says he just can’t complete his birthday weekend if he hasn’t seen the water.  I suspect he wants gifts as well!  Big Smile!

Go out and make it a great week, stay positive and help a neighbor or friend.  See you on the water and God Bless!  Glenna

Winter in Clear Lake Galveston Bay

It is another week here on Clear Lake and Galveston Bay.  Warm, sunny, expecting some storms tomorrow.  But a great day on the water.  The deadline is almost here for your reservation for the Pelican Ball in Seabrook.  For a great cause, we raise money for scholarships for Seabrook young people going to college and majoring in the arts AND we are raising money for the Bay Area Veterans Memorial.  A great time will be had by all!

Also, January and February in Kemah there are winter discount tickets to rides and events, February will be a big month with lots of events, Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras, Yachty Gras and more.  Here is their site.

You can still book lunch with an astronaut at Space Center Houston, just go to for more information. 

Go out and make it a great week, God Bless and see you on the water.  Glenna

Preparing for Mardi Gras in Clear Lake/Galveston Bay

Good Morning!  Clear Lake and Galveston Bay is gearing up for the Mardi Gras season.  So much to do.  The picture at the left is a flyer from the Seabrook Association and their 3rd Annual Pelican Ball.  Proceeds from the Ball are to go to the Bay Area Veterans Memorial, so a worthy cause and a good time.  Did you know that you do not have to be a resident of Seabrook to be a member of the Seabrook Association and attend the Pelican Ball?  We have many members from League City and the surrounding area.  Seabrook Association supports Seabrook but also our surrounding area and their businesses.  We would love to have you as a member, membership is only $30 a year and meetings are once a month.  Here is our web site for more information  Now having said that, let us know if you would like to attend the Ball.  Deadline to register is a week from today. 

Another great event coming up is Yachty Gras.  This is the 13th year for this fun event.  The kick-off party is at Sundance Grill and open to everyone.  The parade of course is through the Kemah Channel and is a fun event for families as beads are thrown from the decorated boats as they go through the Kemah Channel.  Here is their web site www..comyachtygras

Now, as the weather starts to warm up and you and the family are looking to get out on the water, a new law for young people and boats is in effect.  Boater Education is required for operators born after September 1, 1993.  I saw this article in our local Bay Area Observer paper.  For more information and classes available, please go to  

If you are not familiar with Great Day Houston with Deborah Duncan then you should check it out, everyday on Channel 11 at 9:00.  They have great guests and so much good information about Houston and our surrounding area, it is worth an hour of your time.  You will not be disappointed.   On January 24th you will see the advertisement for the Pelican Ball as many of us traveled to Great Day Houston and were on the live show earlier this month. 

Go out and make it a great weekend.  See you on the water and God Bless!  Glenna

Good Morning Clear Lake/Galveston Bay.  What a beautiful weekend it was!   We may have a little rain today and tomorrow (which we still need) but the rest of the week will be gorgeous, cool temps, bright sun, gorgeous sky, awe……Texas and the Gulf Coast.  Now you may be asking yourself, with all the football we had this weekend and our beloved Texans losing, why I have this picture up on my site.  Well ya’ll, this is Rugby!  Gorgeous weather, sitting in your chair and watching this great game.  My son was home for the holidays from college and he has started playing again with the Bay Area Rugby Club (BARC).  They had three games this past Saturday, so we watched Rugby on Saturday, football playoffs on Sunday and then I started a Beth Moore Bible Study at Nassau Bay Baptist on Sunday night.  My brother arrived in town for the week to visit and boy what a weekend.  All this and everywhere you drive is water, boats, palms, friendly people…..can you tell I LOVE this area?

On the Rugby front, I took this picture of the B team playing and if you are interested in Rugby and want to watch, or perhaps you would like to play, here is BARC’s site.  Just go there to find games, times, rules, club information, etc.  This is a great group of guys and a great game to watch and play, but it is not for the faint of heart! 

Now if you want something a little more educational, indoors and not as rough but just as exciting, you can go to Space Center Houston and have lunch with an astronaut!  There are several dates to choose from, one will be this Friday, January 20th.  Here is their site for more information.

Go out and make it a great week, God Bless You All and see you on the water!  Glenna

Welcome 2012 in Clear Lake/Galveston Bay

Well Hello and Welcome to Lake and Baywatch as we move into 2012.  Kemah, Texas had their fantastic fireworks display on New Years Eve and this year promises to be a big year on Clear Lake and Galveston Bay.  We will have many events throughout the year, so continue to check back with me all year as I will update every Monday and Friday to ensure you will have something to do here in the area at all times.  This is a great place to live, work, play and raise a family.  So whether you are visiting our many attractions, thinking about a move here, or you already live here, this blog is for you!   As most of you know I am a realtor here in the area so please check some of my listings on my pages top left.  If you are thinking about moving here you are making a wonderful choice.

In the month of February we have a big event coming up in Seabrook, this is held by the Seabrook Association as we are raising money to start the first phase of our Bay Area Veterans Memorial.  Check out our flyer and plan to attend!  Also, remember the Yachty Gras Boat Parade on February 18th.  Go to the Kemah Boardwalk have a nice meal and a drink and participate in Yachty Gras.  There are other Mardi Gras celebrations throughout February as well.   Check it out at

Fireworks picture courtesy of   Marc McKinny Photography  You can visit their site at

Go Out and Make it a Great Weekend!  See you Soon!  Glenna

August in Clear Lake/Galveston Bay

Hello to All!  Summer is winding down here in Clear Lake/Galveston Bay but the heat is on, literally.  Very hot across Texas as you know and we are finally getting the triple digits.  We have had some rain so many of the water conservation alerts are off and some of the yards and trees are looking a lot happier.  We still have wonderful things to do around the area.  Many of them indoors to “beat the heat”.  Please remember to visit Johnson Space Center on Nasa Road One, lots of activities for the entire family and AIR CONDITIONING.    Summer Sports Slam is still going on, go to for more information.

My niece was in town visiting from Arkansas this past week and my son and I took her to Moody Gardens to see the new Rain Forest exhibit.  Let me tell you, I was impressed.  Having gone to the old one, and liked it, I have to say my 20 year old son said this one is awesome.  Of course Moody Gardens has so much more to see as well, including the Dinos Alive which is still going on until  August 14th.  There is so much to do at Moody Gardens, check it out at

NOW THIS IS HUGE!!!!   Would you like to participate in helping our troops deployed overseas and their families receive free postcards.  Well this is it.

Now if you want to read more about the story on this, listen to the new song and the interview then please go to   Listen to the song and the interview, it is worth the 6 minutes.    Thank you in advance for supporting our troops!!!!


Johnson Space Center here in Clear Lake/Galveston Bay Area

Good Morning All from the home of the Johnson Space Center here in Clear Lake/Galveston Bay Area!  Well, the final launch is off and I was blessed enough to be there.  In fact my husband and I were interviewed by our local Channel 13 news stations at Jetty Park in Florida and that interview aired on the 6:00 news the evening of the launch.  It was thrilling to witness that launch with the thousands that had gathered there at Jetty Park.  I am distressed as our manned space program is closing, especially with friends I know losing their jobs and moving to other locations around the U.S., but I do know that this is America and we will continue in space.  There will be a new program where America continues to be number one in space.  I can only hope that in 2012, with a new administration, that we continue our dominance in space.  So many benefits has been brought to us from our space exploration and there is more to come.  God Bless ALL the workers at NASA, past and present.  Thank you for your service to our Nation!  Save travel home Atlantis!

Now, here in the Seabrook area we will be honoring our space program at the Seabrook  Association Meeting.  Here is the information regarding that meeting coming up this week!

Seabrook Association “Space Shuttle Tribute”  Event

RSVP (281-474-2511) Lakewood Yacht Club Ballroom

July 20, 2011  5:30 Social   6:00 – 7:00 Meeting 

 Cash bar  –  Cake and Punch

JSC Astronauts and Dignitaries will give a shuttle tribute


There is of course more happening here in the area.  Kemah has decided to go back to their past practice of fireworks every Friday night in July, so remember, tonight is firework night at the Kemah Boardwalk.   Remember Kid Krazy Mondays at Kemah Boardwalk, here is some information on that;  Also, every Thursday is Rock the Dock in Kemah as well. 

Do you want to honor one of our fallen heroes?  Lt. Cmdr. William P. Egan has returned home to Texas.  He has been MIA/KIA in Vietnam since 1966.  He was found in 2009 and confirmation that it was indeed him in February 2011.  I was on I45 yesterday when he returned home with hundreds of Patriot Guard escorting him to Forest Park East.  My friend Michele and her son Alex and I stood on the side of the road with our country’s flag as he returned.  Tomorrow, Saturday, July 16th, 2011, his family will be escorted from Clear Lake Park by the Patriot Guard to Lt. Cdmr. Egan’s service at Forest Park East.  Me and my friends plan to be on Nasa Road One with our flags to show our support and thanks to his family for their sacrifice to our country.  If you would like to show your support of the family, please be on Nasa Road One with your flag at 9:00 a.m. Saturday morning.    It is sad that I feel compelled to say this, but please only those that wish to show RESPECT.  This family has waited 45 years to bring this son, husband, father, brother home.  God Bless you Lt. Cmdr. Egan and your family, I pray you are in our Father’s arms!  Thank you for your service and ultimate sacrifice for this nation and each of us. 

Glenna Adovasio